Wajud Brand

on January 07, 2021


When Wajud first started, we noticed traditional, interruptive marketing did not appeal to consumers anymore. Due to the digital age, people were in complete control of the information they consumed, and they were more aware of global market. The culture of procuring items from any part of the world has become easy, trustful, and cost-effective. However, the after-market industry of heavy-duty trucks and machineries were still very traditional as in typical retails shops and distributorship, probably due to customer’s fear of procuring bad quality products for expensive machineries. So, customers were willing to trade-off bad quality for overvalued market products.

We wanted to help and bridge the gap between cost and quality by utilizing the technology and competition of global manufacturing industries, so 7 years ago, we started the research and development with experts having overs 25 years of experience in the field of heavy-duty truck parts’ manufacturing & marketing to develop the brand we today call WAJUD.

A brand is simply trust Steve Jobs


Today we have built a community of transporters, miners and industrialist, who believe in WAJUD and also benefit from our cost-effective solution without trading-off quality. We have also expanded our marketing approach to e-commerce to serve more customers and industries which has resulted in strengthening the movement more than ever before as we continue producing quality products with our research and development experience.