Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm new, how do I order?

At WAJUD we go to great lengths to ensure your shopping experience is as easy and secure as possible.


Firstly, you need to know your vehicle information or truck part no:

If you have truck part no. you can simply search it through our search engine.

If you do not know the part no. of your vehicle, we can help you identify you for them if you provide us with Vehicle VIN Number your make, model, version, and year.


Use the Search or the menus to navigate to the part you need. Once you have found a part, check the description information to confirm it is the correct part for your vehicle. If in doubt feel free to use our inbuilt web chat service or call us.

Once you have finished shopping simply go to the checkout, continue to payment. If you are happy with the order, confirm the payment and the item(s) will be dispatched to you.

Alternatively, you can contact a member of our customer service team on or call us on +971-48825300 to place a alternate order.


Is it safe to order online?

Yes, we use industry standard SSL encryption to protect your details. Potentially sensitive information such as your name, address and card details are encoded so they can only be read on the secure server. This information is authenticated to ensure it only gets sent to this secure server and is checked to make sure it has not been tampered with during transfer.

Security checks are also made on all transactions, to ensure the authenticity of each card payment. Alternative you can use bank transfer service as well.


How do I apply a discount code?

You can add a valid discount code in the final check-out page.


What courier do you use for deliveries?

International delivery after you make the purchase, we will look for reliable delivery options with best cost and delivery period, then we quote you for your approval before we dispatch the item.


How long does it take for delivery?


Depending on the size of your goods and mode which you want to use such as air or ship, delivery period will be different. But we will provide you the estimate during the quote for delivery cost. Just for by our general experience delivery by:

 Truck (GCC Countries) take 3-14 days

 Ship if with full container takes 30-45 days

 Ship if LCL cargo takes 45-90 days

 Air takes 3-14 days


Can I track my item?

Yes, we will provide tracking details.


The customs department of my country have asked me for further information. What should I do?

Each country has its own unique import procedures, which are subject to change. If you have an order held in customs then please contact our customer service team with your order number, via email, phone, or web chat. We will do our absolute best to help resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Why am I missing an item in my delivery?

There could be several reasons why an item is missing in your delivery:

The item is temporarily out of stock.

The item could have been dispatched separately due to the extra care and attention which is required.

The item was classed as a dangerous good. Dangerous goods may be handled separately or cannot be send by Air freight.

For any reason rest assure we will get you the item on agreed value of delivery cost.